It is my mission to lead people into the understanding that there exists a life beyond the physical world, a life that is so full of magic and wonder it’s hard to imagine until you get there.

The physical realm is an arena that each and every one of us is capable of mastering and transcending.

With the right guidance, my humble intention is to lead people to discover deeper meaning within their lives.

I am grateful that you are here.

My Story

In 2004, my mom was very ill. My family had heard of a healer in South America and thought that he may be able to help her. My uncle and I quickly packed up to accompany my mother to Brazil. When we got there my plan was to drop my mother off at the healing center and go off to have some fun of my own. I was basically there as the luggage boy, because they weren’t able to carry all the bags on their own.

Shortly after we landed in Brazil and arrived at the healing center, a gentleman came up to me and said, “Your name is Igor?” I told him, “Yes.” He replied by saying, “My name is Frank and my angel told me I was supposed to meet you here.” I blew him off. I thought, what angels? He had probably heard my name from someone.

On the first day, my mother was scheduled to have an invisible surgery with the healer and I was told to sit down in the meditation room and meditate. I couldn’t sit still for more than five minutes. After some time of sitting and trying to stay quiet, I had a thought and felt the urge to get up and go into the line to see the healer myself. So I did, and the lady in charge told me that they had completed all the (psychic) surgeries for the day. I replied that I had been in the meditation room and something told me to come get in line. She looked at me with penetrating eyes and nodded for me to go in.

When it was my turn to meet the healer, he told me that my heart was closed and asked me if I wanted him to open it. I said, “Sure,” not realizing what that really meant. He took his thumb and placed it at the top of my mouth. Suddenly, I was standing behind him looking at myself. I tried as hard as I could to open my eyes but I couldn’t, yet I could see myself from outside of myself. He took out a pair of surgical scissors and put them up my nose. With one strike from the bottom of his palm I could feel the scissors hit the inside of my skull, all while I was witnessing the entire procedure from outside of my body. He twisted them one way then another, and a little blood trickled down, which I spat out. As soon as I spat out the blood, I was back in my body, a bit confused and disoriented, but to my surprise I felt no pain.

Waking up to Reality

Afterwards, they took me to another room to lay down. I felt like Superman! I had so much energy it was unbelievable! I felt like I could move mountains. For the next 24 hours, I stayed in my room. I felt that something was flying right into me and coming out. However, when I opened my eyes, nothing was there. When I got up the following morning Frank came up to me, and he said, “You’re more approachable now.” He told me that he was born a medium and said he had a message for me. I was still skeptical, so I said, “If you know so much, tell me about myself.” He did. He told me about my life, my relationships, and my family. That got my attention—he was the real thing.

After spending most of the day with him, he asked me if I wanted my message from the angels. After I said yes, he put his hand on top of mine and I felt a jolt of energy through my body. That was the first time I felt the energy flow. The next day, I woke up and felt like I had a hat on, but there was no hat. It was actually a halo that I wasn’t aware of. I also felt tingling in my fingers, like my hands were dropping into the Earth. The strange occurrences didn’t stop.

I went to get some coffee from the only shop in town. As I stood in line, my stomach started to hurt with tremendous pain. I stepped away and the pain stopped. I came back and it started again. The woman in front of me turned around—she was pregnant. It was then that I realized I was feeling her pain. I grabbed my coffee and sat down at a table. Then, I started feeling pain on the left side of my body and buttocks, so I turned around and saw a gentleman. I saw right through him and noticed what was going on inside his body! It was crazy. This isn't the world I knew.

I wanted to take a break from the people in the shop, so I went outside and stood next to a tree. That was a refreshing change. As I stood there I heard someone talking; I turned around, but no one was there. It dawned on me that the tree was communicating, and I could also feel a tingling sensation from the tree’s energy. Later that day, I saw a cow from about 10 feet away and instinctively reached my etheric hand into the cow to feel its heart beating. That freaked me out and I pulled my hand rapidly back to myself, and looked for Frank. When I finally found him the next day, he told me that I was activated. “Activated? What do you mean?” He taught me about energy movement, the chakras, how to protect myself, and the sway of energy.

I returned home a different person.

With my newfound abilities, I was able to start sharing with my family about their pains and problems. I started to see and feel energy and all the different vibrations; anything I thought of, I would instantaneously connect to the consciousness of it. I couldn’t bear being in a regular environment anymore, so I locked myself in my room for three weeks. It was too painful to be in the physical reality.

I attempted to do some online research on these topics but there was nothing on the internet during the early years of 2004. I remembered a bookstore on South Street in Philadelphia called Garland of Letters. They have spiritual books and I thought perhaps I could learn more about what was happening to me.

The first book I grabbed was about chakras. I opened it and saw a picture of the chakras; as I looked at it, my own chakras sped up and started to illuminate. The same thing happened with a book on cosmic energy. As I looked through more books, an activation happened with each of them. The downloads of information were so powerful that every book I picked up I became one with the consciousness of it. This awakening continued to deepen over the next several years.

For the four years that followed, I would do healings and meditate eight hours each day, sleeping only a few hours at night. I left the house, telling my parents I was going to work. But as soon as they left, I would go back home and meditate. The messages, connection with the Divine, benevolent ETs, and other beings were amazing. I started to learn how our physical bodies relate to our energy bodies. I had dreams and explanations from Higher Self and other beings about how things relate and work together in synchronicity. I lost all interest in the physical reality and spent most of my time in the etheric realms. After a period of time, I realized I couldn’t make money doing only spiritual work.

In 2008, someone told me about St. Germain. I picked up a book about his life, and realized that he had money, built schools and hospitals, and performed spiritual work—he had it all! I understood that if we don’t experience it all, then we are not the full potential of God, Source, All that is, and so on. My focus started to shift towards manifesting and creating abundance in the physical world.

I downloaded more information with this Divine perception of mind, seeing glints of opportunities, and allowing them to come to me instead of going after them. Things started happening automatically, and the work felt effortless. I manifested a transportation business for hospitals and nursing homes. In five years, I had over 30 trucks with 75 employees and a 24/7 business. It became very successful to the point where it was one of the largest companies in the state.

During this time, I also started a family and have been doing spiritual work with my children.

I now have three daughters and have been meditating with them and spiritually guiding them since birth. They like meditation and ask for it themselves before bed. They understand the chakras and share their understanding in school with other kids. They’re completely immersed in this as part of their reality.

My girls are very intuitive and often sense and perceive what is in their highest and best interest in the moment. I’ve taught them to communicate with their Higher Selves. We’ve had lots of great experiences together. We sometimes go for walks in the park and when they ask which way we should go, I ask them to ask their Higher Self and then we’ll see beautiful things, like a bunny. This lights up their hearts and minds. Their whole vibration shifts by following their inner light.

One time, one of my daughters got a 100% on a test after she had asked her Higher Self for the answers. After the third test, she failed and was very upset that she did not receive guidance. I responded, “Why you don’t ask your Higher Self why you didn’t get the answers?” She did what I recommended and it responded that “it wants her to develop her mind.”

In 2014, I started to come out to the public with my abilities. I had spent 10 years in meditation and working on myself and never imagined there were so many spiritual people out in the world who were interested in learning, but I seemed to bump into them everywhere I turned.

In 2016 after working with people individually and holding the space for their Divine evolution, I was guided and supported by my students to create my own classes that would uplift even more people. The courses were and are designed to guide people into the alignment with the light that they are, by showing them tools that can help them expand into their full potential. It’s about understanding what they truly are, not what their mind says they are.

Every single person is capable of doing this.

“The beauty in this world is that as we start to recognize this we realize that we are the Divine light. We are the creators of heaven on Earth.”

I’m still learning. While I guide classes, my students are also my teachers—as we give, we also receive. I learn a lot from the soul level of my students. Everything is energy, and our minds translates that energy into words. As you see the qualities you admire within others, you merge and allow that energy to become unveiled within you. You realize that every student is a reflection of you.

Transformation takes place within

There are beautiful vortices and chakras throughout the world, each having its own energy signature. I’ve traveled all over the world exploring this phenomena. The time we spend on this Earth serves us and that’s why we have time. Being in the moment of NOW is being in the body yet being with everyone at the same time. It is profound. The more joy you perceive in everything around you, the more happiness you will experience yourself. The hologram we project in this reality starts to become of the Divine—it’s all within us and nothing is outside of us.

Transformation takes place within—having love and Divine perception of things. We have our ups and downs but how we react is what matters most. As this happens, you don’t have to be in meditation to feel or sense this. It becomes part of you. Our awareness and consciousness expands, and making decisions, going places, doing things all become intuitive. You find that you are always going with the flow and don’t have resistance.

As we elevate our beliefs, the higher mind can integrate more fully into the physical vessel (the body). The physical vessel is just a map of our soul and anything wrong with it is where the soul wants you to bring an awareness of love. Love and acknowledgment allows for transmutation to occur; for the beauty of “is-ness" to shine.






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